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Why Autofrom.net

Car sales: why with Autofrom.net? More about the site, its advantages and car sale process with Autofrom.net

1. What is Autofrom.net?

Autofrom.net project is an Internet-based resource created specially for purchase and sale of used cars. The main objective of the project is to connect car sellers looking to sell for export their vehicles and buyers looking to purchase vehicles abroad and also to ease communication of both parties as much as possible. The sellers' advertisements about sale of cars are placed on Autofrom.net; this way a database of sellers' offers is created and constantly updated. This database is available to the buyers of cars through search interface of the site; it lets them find specific vehicle abroad and look through advertisements of foreign sellers translated into the Russian, English and German languages.

Site founders have many years of experience in export sales of cars and other vehicles; that is why Autofrom.net combines the best features of similar sites dealing with the vehicle sale and is very comfortable and efficient for the car sellers as well as for the car buyers.

2. How does Autofrom.net differ from other similar sites?

Main features of Autofrom.net:
  • Autofrom.net opens new developing markets for the sellers - Russian-speaking countries, Asian and African states;
  • as easy as possible. Autofrom.net visitors do not need explanations on how to use the site - everything is clear and understandable right away. The search can be initiated with two clicks;
  • communication of the seller and the buyer speaking different languages is a great problem of export sales. When the buyer finds the vehicle he is interested in, he often has several questions he wants to clear up right away. Autofrom.net lets the car buyer leave questions to the seller in his native language while he is looking at the ad; these questions will be translated into the seller's language and will be immediately sent;
  • Autofrom.net is constantly advertised among potential buyers of cars and other vehicles. Autofrom.net is registered with the largest search engines of Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa.

3. Who are the main visitors of Autofrom.net?

Geographically 50% of the site visitors come from the Eastern European countries and CIS, 20% - Middle East and Africa and 30% - Europeans. The sellers are mainly from Germany, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, France and other European countries.

4. Why is it efficient to sell cars with Autofrom.net?

  • Autofrom.net is available 24 hours per day worldwide in the Russian, German and English languages, that is why your cars become known in Europe as well as on the huge territory of the Russian Federation, CIS, Middle East and Africa;
  • Autofrom.net is widely known and popular. Everyday our dealers get calls from the buyers as well as requests for more info by email and vehicle orders;
  • Autofrom.net is convenient and understandable to our visitors - your potential buyers;
  • we constantly keep advertising Autofrom.net in Internet and in press;
  • we offer quite competitive prices combined with the highest possible level of service;
  • we are constantly working on the site and new services. Place your vehicles and see what we have for you in the nearest future!

5. How do I place my cars on Autofrom.net?

To place your vehicles you should register as our dealer.

6. What is the difference between PREMIUM and STANDARD placement options?

Standard placement means that you place vehicles yourself or by export from other sites.

Premium means that our managers place your vehicles for you.

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