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Legal terms and conditions

© Dotcom Marketing LTD 2003-. All data, information, logotypes of companies, software, images and other content of the site is subject to copyright law. Copying and publishing contents of the site in other sources is forbidden without written permission of Dotcom Marketing LTD, 59-60 RUSSEL SQUARE, OFFICE 4, LONDON WC1B 4HP, UK and is pursued by law.

General terms and conditions of using the services of the online automotive marketplaces www.autofrom.net and www.autofromnet.com, property of Dotcom Marketing LTD, 59-60 RUSSEL SQUARE, OFFICE 4, LONDON WC1B 4HP, UK, further referred to as the Autofrom.net.

1. The present Terms and conditions affect relations of the Autofrom.net and users of the websites www.autofrom.net and www.autofromnet.com. Any visitor using in any way information placed at the websites www.autofrom.net and www.autofromnet.com, agrees by default to the present Terms and conditions as they are. The user also agrees that the present Terms and conditions are property of the Autofrom.net and may be subject to change by the owner without giving notice to other parties involved.

2. Dotcom Marketing LTD, 59-60 RUSSEL SQUARE, OFFICE 4, LONDON WC1B 4HP, UK, builds its own databases of automotive vehicles available free through search interface of the websites www.autofrom.net and www.autofromnet.com. In case any person purchases vehicle found at www.autofrom.net and www.autofromnet.com, Autofrom.net does not serve as intermediary, agent or representative of any party; Autofrom.net is only providing with services of publication advertisements at its websites www.autofrom.net and www.autofromnet.com.

3. Any person (legal or physical) may add any number of advertisements (approved by Autofrom.net) to the Autofrom.net database, for charge as to current tariffs and publishing terms determined by the Autofrom.net.

4. The Autofrom.net databases are protected by UK copyright law and all functional international agreements and conventions on protection of copyright.

5. The Autofrom.net paid service (further - the service) is publishing and providing public access to the advertisements of the sellers at the websites www.autofrom.net and www.autofromnet.com.. Autofrom.net reserves the right to change the prices for every separate customer. Approximate prices are published on www.autofrom.net and www.autofromnet.com.

Relationship between Autofrom.net and its customers is exercised on the public offer basis, which is made by spoken negotiations. The payment is made by 100% advance payment in 14 working days from the invoice date. If the Autofrom.net does not receive the payment on its bank account within the mentioned deadline, it is empowered to assume measures to its own discretion up to removal from the site.

6. The Autofrom.net is considered to have fulfilled its obligations if the advertisement (-s) of the customer were available at the website www.autofrom.net and www.autofromnet.com for the time period noted in the correspondent invoice.

7. The advertisement may be published only after the Autofrom.net's approval and only in the category of vehicles determined by the Autofrom.net.

a) Concerning contents of the advertisement.
• The customer having published the advertisement on the Autofrom.net by doing so confirms that information he gives in the advertisement is correspondent to the true state of the vehicle. If the customer discovers mistakes in the advertisement he has published, he notes it to the Autofrom.net;
• Responsibility for correspondence of pictures, mileage, price and all other information presented by the customer is on the customer that has published the correspondent offer;
• It is forbidden to note service phone numbers (phone numbers having higher tariff than usual phone company tariff) in the contact information.

b) The Autofrom.net does not take any responsibility for the contents of the advertisements.
The Autofrom.net does not give guarantee that contents of the advertisements are correspondent to the reality and to the legal requirements of the country where the advertisements may be viewed; it is the responsibility of the customers allocating offers.
The Autofrom.net does not take any responsibility for damages and losses caused by not incomplete publication of the advertisements or for use of the information by the third parties.
The Autofrom.net does not take any responsibility arising from contract of sale or purchase of the vehicles advertised at www.autofrom.net and www.autofromnet.com.

9. The Autofrom.net does not take responsibility for failing to carry out its obligations if such fail was a result of force-majeure. Force-majeure means unpredictable circumstances which the Autofrom.net could not change or avoid (fire, acts of God, military operations, overload of Internet servers, hardware failures, trouble with software and hardware of the site users, connection providers and so forth). In such cases Autofrom.net does not take any responsibility for any losses of the customers including profit loss.

10. The present terms and conditions come into force at 01.01.2004 and remain so until changed or terminated by the owner - Dotcom Marketing LTD, 59-60 RUSSEL SQUARE, OFFICE 4, LONDON WC1B 4HP, UK.

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