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How to buy a car?

What is Autofrom.net and which cars are presented on the site?

Autofrom.net is an international website dealing with the sale and purchase of cars. The sellers on our site are companies from different European countries; it ensures high level of competition and wide choice of vehicles as well.

Autofrom.net does not charge for actual sale or purchase of a car. Prices, terms of delivery and other sale conditions are business of buyer and seller. Our goal is to connect buyer and seller and to ease their communication.

How do I actually buy a car found on Autofrom.net?

You should find the car you want to buy in our database. Then you should get in touch with the seller and clear up all the questions you might have about the car, actual sale conditions. You can do it by sending email, calling the seller or by sending your question via seller contact form (in the description of any vehicle; it is for buyers speaking different language with the seller - we will translate your question left in this webform and send it to the dealer).

Besides, you should find and make agreement with the transporter company and also check customs clearance payments with them. Then you can pay the seller and wait for the autotransporter to deliver your car to you.

Or, if you have such possibility, you can pick the car yourself - you might also want to inspect it before buying.

How do I find specific car?

To initiate your search, please enter your search criteria in the quick search form on the start page or use "Advanced search". You will see database search results according to your choice.

Please click the car you like and you will see detailed description - 5 pictures, specification, location, contact phone, email and "Send your request form".

I can't find the car I need.

Fill in "Vehicle wanted" web-form, it will be sent to all the dealers of our site; you will get determined offers right to your email. Also you can subscribe for Autofrom.net newsletter and receive new offers every week.

I need additional info on the specific vehicle.

If you have questions about vehicles - don't hesitate to ask the sellers. They will gladly respond as soon as possible. You can use dealer contact form in the description of any vehicle. Send your questions in your language - we will translate the questions and send to the seller. Of course you can send email or call the seller yourself. You will see languages the dealer speaks and contact phones in the vehicle description.

I have only picture and description of the car, how can I be sure to buy a good vehicle?

There are no guarantees. But you should take into consideration that cars in Europe are used in good conditions. Better climate, original spare parts, regular service and traditional care about the car - the main reasons of good technical condition of used European cars. Of course it does not work for all cars, that is why you should show common sense and caution when buying the car abroad. You should think over all pros and cons and take positive decision only if you are absolutely sure in the car to be bought.

To make sure the car is in good technical condition and the mileage is real, you can ask for service history or even to inspect the car with authorized service station. You will have to pay for such service check, but it is much cheaper than to pay for surprises that you can discover after purchase.

Besides, the vehicle sellers presented on our site are established companies with high reputation; they have been in this business for many years. They are interested in you being happy with the purchased vehicle and want you to come back to them again.

How can I pay the seller, who is located abroad?

You can go to the nearest bank and transfer money to the sellers account. The bank commission greatly depends on the size of transfer, but usually it is 20-100 Euro.

How do I deliver the car I have bought?

It is wise to agree on delivery of the car before actual purchase. You can look for transporting company in newspapers, Internet, etc. The cost of transportation depends on your location and location of the car.

The transporter can also consult you about cost of customs clearance.

You have other questions? Ask here!.

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